todddshane welcomes you

Welcome to todddshane where you can learn about all sorts of things that make up my life. I have been actively involved in Statusnet up until now and plan to spend my life coding and working on applications that change peoples lives. I am also a christian and spend time in church with my friends. Most of the time you will find me active on twitter and facebook as I enjoy the social side of things.

When I am not working you will find me on the golf course or playing around with my new golf simulator at home.I am determined to drop my handicap and the only way I know how to do that is with consistent practice and hard work. Building a consistent golf swing is probably one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do!

I also enjoy TV and watching Top Gear. Clarkson is always fun and if you have never watched it then I recommend you start when you see it listed!

I have worked at IBM as a PHD fellowship assistant with an internship involving projects like XEN and IBM technologies and have also worked with UNISYS as a teaching assistant while working on my PHD all the time focusing on operating system technologies. If I get the time I hope to improve the software that came with my golf simulator!

During 2008 I spent most of my time working on USEINX Zen technology which was a great year and really set my career on track!