todddshane welcomes you

Welcome to todddshane where you can learn about all sorts of things that make up my life. I have been actively involved in Statusnet up until now and plan to spend my life coding and working on applications that change peoples lives. I am also a christian and spend time in church with my friends. Most of the time you will find me active on twitter and Facebook as I enjoy the social side of things.

When I am not working you will find me on the golf course or playing around with my new golf simulator at home.I am determined to drop my handicap and the only way I know how to do that is with consistent practice and hard work. Building a consistent golf swing is probably one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do! I decided to go for the Optishot Simulator as this was affordable and contains all the features I needed to sort out my golf swing without every needing to leave home. Getting to the driving range, after work, is not possible that often due to work commitments and becomes even harder over winter.

I also enjoy TV and watching Top Gear. Clarkson is always fun and if you have never watched it then I recommend you start when you see it listed!

I have worked at IBM as a PHD fellowship assistant with an internship involving projects like XEN and IBM technologies and have also worked with UNISYS as a teaching assistant while working on my PHD all the time focusing on operating system technologies. If I get the time I hope to improve the software that came with my golf simulator!

During 2008 I spent most of my time working on USEINX Zen technology which was a great year and really set my career on track!

Taking a Break

It has been some time since I posted here so I thought it would be about time to update. 2014 has been a quiet year for me and I have taken some time off to pursue my hobbies and spend more time with my family. I am fortunate to be in a position where I am able to take some much needed time to rest and focus on the important things in life. Although work in the IT world can be very stressful you can eventually get to a point where you become a contractor and control your own hours as well as how often you work. If I had to give any advice I would recommend specializing in one area that enables you to become high in demand.

The one thing that is important is to ensure you get your self a decent computer desk to ensure correct posture and avoid RSI. You would be amazed how bad it is for you to spend all your time in front of the PC and you often do the most damage without realizing it. Getting yourself setup properly with a decent, and correctly height adjusted, desk along with a matching chair at the right size is vital else you will end with problems later on. I am experiencing that now with elbow and wrist problems from all my years sitting at the PC and it has become a major headache when I need to put in long hours for work. It is amazing how many of us ignore these simple things that result in also sorts of health issues which could have easily been avoided.

As I mentioned before I have a passion for golf and the never ending quest to improve my consistency levels and overall game in general. It has to be the most frustrating sport every devised but there is something about the tranquility of the course, especially first thing in the morning and it is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Truth be told, if I could go and play 18 holes every single day I would! As mentioned before I have been working hard on my golf swing using my simulator, the difference is quite amazing and if you are a golfer that wants the opportunity to improve then you really have to think about taking the plunge and investing in one. The best way to work hard on your game is to put in the effort and nothing could be simpler than building your golf swing from home.

I have also turned my attention to my other hobby which is indoor planting and propagating something I have enjoyed since an early age. I still remember spending time with my mother as she tended her plants. I guess this was one of my happiest memories as I did not get that much quality time with my family when I was younger due to spending much of my childhood in boarding school. Due to the area I live in and the weather over the winter season it is quite difficult to put a lot of effort into the garden outside which is why I prefer to spend more time working on my garden indoors. With a decent grow light you have full control over all the plant conditions allowing you to grow some amazing plants which are both rich in color and texture. It’s a great hobby and something you can do with your family.